The Cock Lovers

Because who doesn't lile some great cock pictures and videos?.

Truly incredible! Now you've got you on my mind :) All that's missing is your gorgeous smile.And me of course :)

We spy beneath the banister a constant thresh of thigh on thigh; her lips imprint the swinging air that parts to let her parts go by. Oh, to be there to sample the imprint that those lips make on the air, to smell, to taste, to part with a wetted tongue. I forget my point, but I think it was to say I like it! A LOT! And upstairs the warm cotton sheets cool. The heady scent of her love settles into the fabric. Her lover smiles and lets the heavy lids of his eyes fall. I'd like to see you cuming down the stairs like that on Easter Sunday( any day really ) and me waiting with lots of cream eggs for you to enjoy xxx. Such a lovely image.Oh to be waiting at the bottom of the stairs to get my hands on that amazing body.Nothing else on my mind now either xx. Yeah, yeah stop all that poetry nonsense, you are going the wrong way, back up the stairs with you. With a spank on the way ;)